Do better Chicago

Chicago is constantly in the limelight for violence that occurs across the city. When the city has plenty of positive things to offer their residents.

But there is a problem with violence in the city, specifically shootings. According to the Chicago Tribune, “3,357 people have been shot this year. That is 740 fewer than 2016.” Their data is calculated and collected starting from Jan. 2017 until Dec. 2, 2017.

Even though the numbers has decreased since last year, it’s no way the city should be experiencing this much violence. There are ways to reduce the amount of shootings and if the community and justice system came together, that could make a big difference and Chicago will eventually be a safer place to live.

But what’s interesting about Illinois is that it’s one of several states with ‘strict gun laws’ according to the National Rifle Associate. There are multiple rules and stipulations about purchasing and carrying guns, yet people are still gaining access to them. Are the rules as strict as the NRA claim, or are some businesses not following rules properly when selling guns to customers?

Obviously there are required documents and permits a person has to have to purchase a gun but who knows what that person is doing with that gun after purchasing it? They could be keeping it for themselves to protect their family; they could be selling it or even giving the gun away to someone who’s not legally able to purchase their own gun.

You never really know until someone is shot or killed and that gun is obtained by the police during a crime. And then after doing an investigation, the police will eventually find out whose gun it actually was.

Innocent women, men and children are getting killed across the city and our justice system, officials and the community needs to step up to help reduce violence and make Chicago safe again. Things won’t change overnight but something needs to happen quickly.