Will it ever be completed?

Construction in Chicago can be time consuming and cost effective to many people. You can’t go to any neighborhood across the city without seeing some type of construction being done.

From pot holes getting fixed in the middle of the street, train stations getting remodeled, to expressways being rebuilt, the construction is never ending. When there is a specific website created just to inform residents across Chicago about all construction projects, you know it’s a big deal.

Chicago Construction News was created in 2015 notifying residents of construction in their area and how long it will take for that specific project to be completed. The site also informs contractors, architects and engineers information through articles, photos and videos about potential opportunities and tips to complete their own projects.

The site is beneficial in a few ways because residents are able to see how a specific project can affect their everyday lives as well as provide potential jobs for many. But those construction projects can also cause problems for everyone as well.

For instance, if a school bus has to drive down a narrow street to pick up children for school but there are cones, signs and gates up for construction, it will be hard to navigate a bus through that. That will then lead to children getting picked up and dropped off late to school. It will then cause a never ending chain reaction of tardiness for multiple people.

The most common construction across the city is on expressways. From Lake Shore Drive, the Kennedy expressway, to the Bishop Ford, there’s no way to avoid it no matter where you’re trying to go. Some construction only takes place at night which is convenient for people commuting to work. But other expressways have construction throughout the day and can last from weeks, to months and even years.

Then again, some construction is necessary when roads are getting expanded to more lanes but the time it takes to complete takes a toll on almost everyone.