You Don’t Know

There’s always someone who states “if that was me, I would’ve did…”

People tend to always say how they would’ve handled a situation differently than someone else if that was them. But you really don’t know what you would do until that same thing actually happened to you.

For example, if you’re in an area and a random shooting takes place, you never really know how you’re going to react in a situation like that.

I know I’ve said several times myself that if I ever experienced a shooting, I would run or drop to the ground. But when I experienced it, I stood there frozen in disbelief that it was actually happening.

My point is, you shouldn’t judge how someone handles and situation and tell them how you would handle it unless you actually experienced that same thing first hand. And lets not forget, every person is different and handles things differently.

So instead of judging or telling them how you would handle it, be a good friend, spouse or family member and support them.


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