Sis, Chill. You Got This!

Stop worrying about everything, you got this!

Your time is coming girl!!

You’ve been busier than ever lately but still making everything work. From work, school, your internship and your personal life. Things won’t change overnight but you can’t get discouraged because you’re being impatient.

There’s times where you feel insecure, lonely and unhappy but you can’t let those emotions overcome you! Your time will come and I promise you’ll look back at these times and realize you were overthinking small things and making crazy decisions to please others when YOU’RE YOUR PRIORITY!

There’s someone out there who will make you the happiest women in the world. Don’t rush or force things that aren’t meant to be. Stop giving people second, third or fourth chances when they didn’t appreciate the first! Yes, being single is boring lonely, hard, etc. but continue to work on you and your career and everything will fall in place.

I love how you’re so determined to make your dreams come true, KEEP THAT UP! Let nothing stop you from being a bad ass journalist. You’re almost there but keep pushing yourself, your time is coming, I have faith in you!

You’re so supportive and always looking out for others, putting people before yourself and that’s good and all but it’s your time to focus more on yourself. You always say this but never actually go through with it. STOP PLAYING AND DO WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU!

Keep being that funny, nerdy, overachiever and love yourself


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