Art Beat- Spring Edition

Art Beat was such a dope event and experience. The event featured a vareity of artists showcasing their talents. There were painters, musicans, designers and entrepreneurs all making a name for their brands. It was similar to a pop-up shop but each artist had a a creative way of displaying their products and talent. I really enjoyed how each artist did a live painting, drawing or performance to give the audience a more personal aspect of their work. Overall, the event was managed and set up very well in a perfect location offering a variety of art. No artists work or performance was the same and that just shows how much talent there is across Chicago!

Here’s some photos I took at the event


Click through the slideshow below


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Wait…. I hope you didn’t think that was it? 


Nope, that’s still not it. 


Ok this is the last slideshow, I swear the pictures are dope!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

ok, I’m almost one. I can’t leave any of the dope work out. 


Ok THAT’S IT! Stayed tune for the next event!!!!


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