Art Beat- Spring Edition

Art Beat was such a dope event and experience. The event featured a vareity of artists showcasing their talents. There were painters, musicans, designers and entrepreneurs all making a name for their brands. It was similar to a pop-up shop but each artist had a a creative way of displaying their products and talent. I really enjoyed how each artist did a live painting, drawing or performance to give the audience a more personal aspect of their work. Overall, the event was managed and set up very well in a perfect location offering a variety of art. No artists work or performance was the same and that just shows how much talent there is across Chicago!

Here’s some photos I took at the event


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Ok this is the last slideshow, I swear the pictures are dope!


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Ok THAT’S IT! Stayed tune for the next event!!!!

Sis, Chill. You Got This!

Stop worrying about everything, you got this!

Your time is coming girl!!

You’ve been busier than ever lately but still making everything work. From work, school, your internship and your personal life. Things won’t change overnight but you can’t get discouraged because you’re being impatient.

There’s times where you feel insecure, lonely and unhappy but you can’t let those emotions overcome you! Your time will come and I promise you’ll look back at these times and realize you were overthinking small things and making crazy decisions to please others when YOU’RE YOUR PRIORITY!

There’s someone out there who will make you the happiest women in the world. Don’t rush or force things that aren’t meant to be. Stop giving people second, third or fourth chances when they didn’t appreciate the first! Yes, being single is boring lonely, hard, etc. but continue to work on you and your career and everything will fall in place.

I love how you’re so determined to make your dreams come true, KEEP THAT UP! Let nothing stop you from being a bad ass journalist. You’re almost there but keep pushing yourself, your time is coming, I have faith in you!

You’re so supportive and always looking out for others, putting people before yourself and that’s good and all but it’s your time to focus more on yourself. You always say this but never actually go through with it. STOP PLAYING AND DO WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU!

Keep being that funny, nerdy, overachiever and love yourself

The year of woman

Women are taking over the world and I love it!

From the music industry, hair businesses, makeup artists, actresses, directors, producers, journalist, entrepreneurs, chefs, graphic designers and the list goes on.

There’s nothing a woman can’t do. And when we start something, we complete it to the best of our abilities making master pieces. Women of all races and backgrounds are making history like never before.

Women making history

  • Tracy Ellis Ross: First time an African American women won best actress in a TV comedy Golden Globe sine 1983
  • Kerry Washington: The first African American women since 1974 to headline a network TV drama 
  • Michelle Obama: Just because she’s perfect and the best First Lady we ever had!
  • Serena Williams: the most number of Grand Slam title wins over ANY ATHLETE period.
  • Ava DuVernay: The first African-American woman to be nominated for Best Director at the Golden Globe Awards
  • Mellody Hobson: President of Ariel Investments, LLC, a Chicago investment firm managing over $3 billion in assets.
  • Regina Gwynn, Esosa Ighodaro, and Lauren Washington: Held the first Black women talk tech 
  • Cardi B:  The fifteenth musician in history to land three top 10 songs in the same charting frame
  • Tierra Guinn: Working for NASA and keeping a 5.0 GPA at MIT
  • Beyonce and Solange: The only sisters to have #1 albums in the same year
  • Mikaila Ulmer: 11- year- old gets $11 million deal with Whole Foods for her BeeSweet Lemonade
  • Tiffany Haddish: First African American women to host SNL

These are just a few women and a few of their accomplishments, but the list can go on for days because women are just that great at everything!

Don’t believe everything you see on social media

Everything posted online isn’t always accurate. It’s best to do your own research about a topic if you aren’t 100% sure it’s correct.

Don’t automatically believe whatever someone posts unless they are a creditable source. There’s times when people lie or make false statements about something or someone to discredit or embarrass them and make them look bad.

For example, there’s always a new story every week about a different celebrity being pregnant or some false claims towards them. When those stories aren’t often true. But when an article is posted online, people already think it’s true just because it’s online.

People don’t realize how lies and negative information could affect someone’s life. Someone could lose their job, family, friends and even money depending on the situation.

Cause and effect plays such an important role in every situation and it can make or break a person. So, watch what you say, post and read about someone. Put yourself in that person’s shoes and think about how that lie or rumor could affect you.

You Don’t Know

There’s always someone who states “if that was me, I would’ve did…”

People tend to always say how they would’ve handled a situation differently than someone else if that was them. But you really don’t know what you would do until that same thing actually happened to you.

For example, if you’re in an area and a random shooting takes place, you never really know how you’re going to react in a situation like that.

I know I’ve said several times myself that if I ever experienced a shooting, I would run or drop to the ground. But when I experienced it, I stood there frozen in disbelief that it was actually happening.

My point is, you shouldn’t judge how someone handles and situation and tell them how you would handle it unless you actually experienced that same thing first hand. And lets not forget, every person is different and handles things differently.

So instead of judging or telling them how you would handle it, be a good friend, spouse or family member and support them.

Family Holiday Activities

During the holidays there’s so many events and activities any family could do together to have a great time.

  • Make gingerbread houses
  • Going to Winter Wonder Fest at Navy Pier
  • Ice skating in Grant Park
  • Making snow angels and having snow ball fights in your yard
  • Bake cookies together
  • Play board or card games
  • Watch movies and make hot chocolate
  • Play the Wii, Xbox, Play Station, etc. against each other

The list goes on, so let’s stay safe and have fun with our family!

Happy Holidays!

Fenty Beauty VS. MAC Cosmetics

Fenty Beauty and Mac Cosmetics are two popular makeup companies with record-breaking products. Both companies have a wide variety of products such as foundation, lipstick, lip liner and eye shadow.

But Fenty Beauty is ahead of the game based on the large variety of shades and tones of foundation they have to offer. Fenty was released on Sept. 8, debuting 40 shades and more to come. MAC launched in March 1984, but it still only has 24 shades to offer their customers today.

Women and men across the world expressed their excitement for the Fenty Beauty makeup debut. R&B singer Rihanna created this line because she wanted to create something “that girls of all skin tones could fall in love with.”

It took Rihanna two years to release the beauty line because she wanted everything to be perfect. According to Business Insider, Rihanna explained why she worked so hard on this line. “In every product I was like, ‘There needs to be something for a dark-skinned girl, there needs to be something for a really pale girl, there needs to be something in-between,’” Rihanna said.

Fenty Beauty makes it easier for her customers to match products to their complexion. “I’ve been wearing makeup for two years now and it’s always been difficult finding my exact shade. I’ve had to mix different products from different companies just to get my shade which gets pretty expensive,” Ivoree Larkin, a beauty blogger, said. “Now that Fenty was released, I was able to find my shade with just one product and it’s perfect.”

Even with their differences with the amount of shades of foundation they offer, both makeup companies created quality products for reasonable prices, which is a big reason why they have consistent customers who always support their brand.

But with Mac lacking to provide a larger variety of shades and tones, they have forced several customers to mix and match products, causing them to spend more money. Missy Le’Rhon, inspiring makeup artist, described how she’s experienced difficulties matching foundations and concealer for clients whose skin complexion is different than hers.

“Nothing is more frustrating than having to buy multiple products from different companies and combining at least three different shades just to get the desired look. I love doing makeup and practicing new looks on clients of all ethnicities but it’s really not cost effective and stressful when you want your client to look beautiful and there isn’t a company who has her exact shade,” Le’Rhon said.

Beauty bloggers or ‘beauty vloggers’ and makeup artists are in high demand these days due to all the latest trends millennials are attempting to create.  YouTube has more than 45,000 channels covering beauty and fashion and those bloggers are essential to cosmetic companies.

The process of being a well known beauty blogger is simple yet time consuming to successfully complete. When someone creates a YouTube account and wants to get paid for their content, they have to follow several steps. First, read and agree to YouTube’s partner Program terms. Second, they’ll have to sign up for AdSense. After that, they can set up their monetization preferences and finally get reviewed by YouTube after reaching 10,000 channel views.

Once someone’s account is properly set up to start getting paid for content and they’ve reached a large amount of subscribers, page views and shares, cosmetics companies then often reach out to those bloggers to rate and give tutorials on their products. Seeing how technology is the fastest way to reach a large audience and promote new products, being a beauty blogger can be great for doing something you love while getting paid for it.

When Fenty Beauty was finally released across the world, women and men either stood in line at Sephora, JCPenney, Harvey Nichols; in the UK or they waited by their computers, phones and tablets to purchase items online at

As far as numbers, Fenty Beauty has surpassed other cosmetic companies in multiple aspects in just two months since it’s been released. There aren’t exact figures listed yet with how much each Sephora store or their website has made since the debut of Fenty Beauty because it’s still fairly new. But it has been confirmed online and in store that the darker shades of Fenty foundation and other products from that line are sold out.

“The day it was released in our store, most of her products sold out almost immediately,” Chelly Williams, beauty specialist at Sephora said. “We were prepared for a large crowd but it was nothing we would ever expect, it was slightly overwhelming dealing with so many customers at once. When new products are released we are typically busier but that day was like no other.”

On Instagram, Rihanna has over 58 million followers and right before she launched the line, a new Instagram page was created for the beauty line to showcase all new products. Only after the page was created for about four days, Fenty Beauty gained over 1 million followers making Instagram history.

According to, “the growth of the beauty industry in the past year was a whopping 6 percent. That makes the beauty industry one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. It surpassed the food industry, known typically as one of the largest, which only had a growth rate of 5.5 percent this past year.” And the statistics portal proved that in 2016, the U.S. was named the “most valuable beauty and personal care market in the world” making around $84 billion in revenue.

As the beauty industry grows, they often rely on customers’ reviews. Almost every cosmetic company suggests their customers leave reviews and give honest feedback on products explaining what they experienced while using items. And that’s where beauty bloggers and even celebrities play a big role in promoting and advertising makeup.

Well known beauty bloggers who have over several thousand subscribers often receive free products to test out and make tutorial videos for their followers. That helps give potential customers an idea of how to use the products, how much they cost, how to apply them and how they would look against their skin before they decide to purchase them. This process is beneficial for the beauty blogger as well as the cosmetic companies in a few ways. If the blogger has over 300,000 subscribers, a good amount of them will purchase or take an interest in that product if it’s displayed properly. That will then increase that company’s revenue and the blogger will receive free products as well as receive funds from YouTube for publishing new content.

Customers are also recommended to leave reviews and suggestions on retail websites giving them insight on how well that product is doing on their shelves. Based on Sephora’s site, Fenty Beauty foundation receive over 180,000 “loves,” more than 4,000 reviews and over 2,000 of those reviews were rated five star and 84 percent of their customers recommended that product.

Sephora has 20 of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty products online to purchase, the ones that haven’t already sold out, and every product left to purchase is rated at least 82 percent and above. Customer’s left detailed comments, photos and even videos of their experience. As compared to MAC’s reviews online regarding their foundation, their overall rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars but only 424 of their customers left reviews, suggestions and photos.

Then going over to YouTube where the most reviews, tutorials and comments are listed about the brand, customers are in awe with the results. In the search bar on YouTube, as soon and someone types “Fenty Beauty Rihanna”, “Fenty Beauty Review”, or just Fenty Beauty, thousands of videos are listed giving praise and excitement about how effectively the products work for them. There were a few bad reviews — not really about the products, but several beauty bloggers were upset that those products weren’t released sooner.

One beauty blogger, Patricia Bright, who lives in the UK, has a large following on Instagram and YouTube and gives tutorials and reviews on a variety of different products. She even gives videos on fashion, her vacations and her family. On YouTube she has over 1.7 million subscribers receiving over 100,000 likes per video and on Instagram she has over 685,000 followers receiving over 50,000 likes per post.

“Companies always reach out to me to advertise their products because I have so many followers and subscribers. So I often get free goodies but for Fenty Beauty, I wanted to purchase her products because Rihanna really made sure women of every color would be able to actually find foundation that matches their complexion. I really appreciate her for that because I’ve experienced difficulties with finding foundation that matched my complexion so I knew I would purchase my items to support her for looking out for women of color,” Bright said.

With Fenty Beauty only being released two months ago, the ratings, reviews, quality, and accessibility has overachieved most makeup cosmetic companies and this is still only the beginning stages.

The Shady Bunch